I was not born a workaholic. I somehow found myself in a demanding industry, thought of surviving and thriving, then became aware that man has got to turn himself into a machine. It becomes trickier, within a society that places you at 1:0 against your dreams.

The honest reality is, that I work 7 days every week, resuming 9am daily and shutting down by 11pm most of the time. Of course, weekends are hectic with events, performances, meetings, etc. Most nights, I still have to keep vigil to study and meditate, or plan. The truth is, results answer to responsibility. I can say the more responsible you are, the more reliable and profitable you can be.

 If you get off your bed and hit the streets to work, you are more likely to meet people that will be empathetic to your cause and support your efforts. Please, be a machine. You don’t have to work everyday like me, but you need to develop feasible and sustainable work ethics and love to work. Nothing, absolutely nothing will work for you until you learn how to get to work and make things work. Tanchu😊🙏

I understand the tension, fatigue, stress and so many things associated with being a hardworking person. You’ve got to wake up every day, get out there and get the job done. Like me, most of us can’t afford to be laid back. Whether you are stretched thin, sick or tired, the need to work is constant.

If you are in this class, you definitely need to periodically embrace an opening to unwind and refresh. It saves you from mental burnout, gives you a renewed energy to do much, and achieve much more. That’s what comedy offers. It helps you shed off stress. Laughing hard is super medicinal, ask your doctor. It is important, and recommended for everyone.

We are offering one of such opportunities and quite conveniently, it’s on a holiday. We are serving everybody who walks into EUI Event Centre on Easter Monday, a moment’s reprieve to unwind and reload. There’s absolutely no way you won’t get commensurate value for your money. It’s a money back guarantee, if the show falls below your expectations. Our preps are top notch, organization is strategic and with precision, hospitality is warmth and efficiency interwoven, contents are massively packed and our audience will always leave us with great feedbacks. I dearly need your support to pull another great feat. Please join me and a gang of extraordinary entertainers, buy my tickets. They’re available online. God bless you.



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