My last edition of Mayor Of Pitakwa was a good outing; Aztech Arcum was so filled that more chairs had to be brought in for our overflowing guests. I gathered my team for our AAR and we analysed our strong marketing approach, factors that complemented our efforts, why we sold and why we had a good turnout, despite having moved the event to afternoon to accommodate the government sanctioned curfew. The ban was not lifted, and I was determined to get it done.

The highest common factor was LIKEABILITY; People like the KObaba brand. People were convincing their friends and family to turn up for KObaba. I remember how people bought 10, 20, 50 and even 100 tickets for me to share because they were not in town at the time. I had friends from the UK, UAE and USA pay for tickets. I vividly remember that every ticket I sent to radio stations for giveaway were paid for by people who like KObaba. One yeye friend, Lawson Khel was so involved in pushing and marketing my event that someone was forced to ask me “who be this guy sef?”. Over the years, I had won the idiot over and he can’t help but like me and my brand. Likeability played a role.

I also had my church people stepping out in impressive numbers to support me. Everyone knows my Pastor can go out of his way to support me; he bought and gave out several tickets, and even did a good number of announcements for me. There were Pastors, churches, football clubs and social clubs that jumped in and supported my cause. Every great feat we accomplished last year, happened because Likeability played its role and if you ask me, I’d say if you are not loved, you are lost in this industry and city.

Likeability can never be bought. You have to build and earn it overtime by showing positive character, reliability, sacrifice, progress, support for others, etc. Become someone that’s always there for others, and people will be there for you. I’m not talking about ass licking your way to win people over. I’m saying, be the man or woman of good character, show hard work. People will always support hardworking people. It’s one reason I earn support. Cut arrogance. If you can’t get along with people, they won’t jump into your projects.

Some of you are only good at fighting on social media, a place where you could turn things around and attract Likeability for your brand. On this space, make people like you, create much more friends than enemies. There are people who’d always hate you, but make sure they struggle to find justifiable reasons to do so. Someone met a colleague that talks crap about me often but smiles when we meet. Upon extensive query, it was obvious that the slanderer didn’t have any good reason. That’s how it should be. Please, don’t underestimate the need to be charismatic, hardworking, open minded, humble, supportive and respectful. It has the potential to create the Likeability that will help pay your bills. Please Buy my tickets

Thank you!


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