Few days ago, I was trying to create an article on Event Economics, and started running some studies on how to break-even and make profits from events. My study and analysis pointed at a few things, but honestly speaking, corporate partnership will forever remain one of the biggest enabling means for Profitability in events.

The general knowledge about doing entertainment in Port Harcourt is, that we don’t get these corporate entities to jump in on our events, finance our budget and cut our costs. We have to do it alone and as long as you are the only one bankrolling your event, the gap between Capital and ROI will be too wide for you to make any worthwhile profit. Our business is designed to attract audience and create content post-event, that will gain viewership. These should be traded for corporate partnership, because companies know the importance of gathering people to see the products and services. If you can offer this value exchange, you can get financial and material support to cushion your budget load. Unfortunately, the propositions most entertainers send to these companies, are poorly put together. I write irresistible and partner-friendly proposals, and maybe that’s why I concurrently secure their patronage.

We’ve evolved way beyond logo on the red carpet. Companies want to break into the minds of your audience. They need a promise of patronage, they want to sell, they want to recover lost customers and also improve customer loyalty.  Please, don’t do your events alone. I have Mayor of Housing, Budweiser, Pizza Jungle and other companies which I’ll will mention in the second part of this article, as partners for the #MayorOfPitakwa event.


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