Here are a few things you should know about the Mayor himself.

kobaba in few points

Kobaba is one of the finest comedians on the West African coast. With over a decade of experience as a comedian, anchoring well over 300 gigs yearly, reaching an average of 5 million persons. He is not a “push aside” and can be described as an industry big weight.

The multi award winning comedian, continues through his talent to reach a multidimensional audience across the private sector, corporate sector, government and even religious organisations with what he likes to describe as “Clean and Classy Jokes”.

Beyond the stage, KoBaba is one of 5 anchors of the Comedy House of Assembly, being Nigeria’s Premiere radio comedy show, airing every Fridays on Super FM 93.3fm.

He began his comedic career over 15 years ago and has hoisted the career of several other young comedians through his platform, suffice to say; He is a veteran in the comedy industry with a reputation for delivering clean and classy jokes.

Kobaba Jornsen is a master in humor. He is articulate, considerate, reliable, resourceful, original and oratorical. He is spontaneous and creatively charismatic making him the ideal Compere for all spheres of events. His unique skills and ethical prowess combine to make his services top notch and most sought-after as he has anchored several events hosted by top Multinational companies including; Globacom Limited (GLO), Mobile Telephone Network (MTN), Nigerian Breweries PLC etc as well as professional bodies, Churches and NGOs.

Kobaba Jornsen is an award winning keynote speaker and business strategist with a background in corporate sales and leadership. His career expands over several industries including Entertainment, Politics And Finance.
He is widely regarded as the go-to source on Marketing, Influencing, Employee Effectiveness, And Customer Relationship Management System ( CRM ).
He believes that everyone brings something special and strives to instill this knowledge through all his platforms. He challenges his audience to leverage their focus and pay attention to the important things in work and life, He is loved for his practical strategies and unique communication pattern.

Kobaba Jornsen doubles as an executive coach, He is entrepreneurial minded with a degree in Marketing.

As an executive coach or consultant he has helped companies and individual improve Relationships and strengthen leadership skills. He works with organizations to create leadership trainings, accountability partnership and customize development programs whose end result builds and effective result oriented team.

The difference for Kobaba is ability to not only recognize weaknesses, but his rare talent to recognize individual and company strength alongside the skill to maximize and refine them for better results.

Kobaba waves his magic wand and businesses come alive!
He is exactly what your brand and company need to make that dynamic difference

Kobaba Jornsen is related to as the most consistent event host in Rivers State. He runs several brands of entertainment show piece created by him such as ; Gospel Gang Party (A monthly gospel hip hop show), KoBaBa youth Convention (Convention in commemoration with the international youth day)The Big Talk Breakfast Show (A quarterly empowerment show), Kobaba Unlimited Tour (An annual campus tour), Kobaba On Duty (Annual Comedian Concert), Play with Kobaba and Afy Douglas (annual praise and comedy concert), VVIP Unwind (Annual High Class Show), Comedy meets Finance ( A campus tour Event) with his prized jewel being ‘Mayor Of Pitakwa’ ( A yearly comedy event,whose three successful editions record a general attendance of over 15,000 people at the Prestigious Aztech Arcum and the Pristine Eui Event Center. He also champions in the delivery mind captivating content.

Kobaba Jornsen, as already established, is a de-tribalized Nigerian who enjoys assisting others and ensuring that they succeed in their chosen careers. Kobaba is both a humanitarian and a philanthropist as majority of his projects gear towards giving back to society and improving the standard of living for as many, especially the inhabitants of the City Of Port Harcourt where he reigns as Mayor Of Pitakwa.

These projects include:

  • Back To My Hood: The core location for this particular project are the streets on which he was raised as a boy and a struggling entrepreneur. He makes it his obligation to gift and cloth every widow, orphan and family on these streets.
  • Post KYC Skill Acquisition For All: After his annual Youth Convention, KoBaba, carefully selects participants and scholars with an interest in skill acquisition, craft making, music production, engineering… for forerunning companies in the selected fields, for training. This usually is the highlight of the convention!
  • Gems Of Pitakwa: Though a newly launched project, this project has already begun inspiring creatives in the city of Port Harcourt, to improve their draft as they just might win a starting capital of 2 million naira. Read More
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